Christy’s POV re factors in a relationship

Are there really “significant” factors in a relationship? Would it be possible to apply a simple formula for couples and people to come up with a perfect solution? I don’t think so… But I believe it is healthy to acknowledge that there are factors in which we should consider as we build our relationship with our partner or other people.

I have read numbers of self-help books, articles, and pages. There may be those who have already shared these but I would just like to point some for other readers and for myself should I need some advice in the future. Haha! So here it goes…

1. Love
Love is all we need, love is all we have got, love makes the world go round, and love conquers all… How? (I actually don’t know how to attack this one, but I’ll try, okay?) For me, love is inborn. We carry love from the day we were conceived, until this very moment of our lives. It comes naturally, and it’s for us to discover how to take care of it, how to deal with it, and how to retain it. I, personally believe, that love is everything. Love is in you, love is air, love is water, and love is love. You could love someone you’ve just met (Oh, I love how she speaks; I love her, bro; Oh sis, you won’t believe it, I think I’ve fallen in love at first sight), familiar? You could love someone you hate (I hate that I love you; Let’s end this, it’s tearing me apart, but I still love you; I love you, good bye), right? Love is universal, love is a whole in itself, and love is love. It is not only a word, but also a mixture of everything under the sun.

Honestly, though, this might be out of topic, but I believe that love can be learned. A person can learn to love somebody. It does not really have to be forced, to be faked, and to any means of using the other person. Learning to love someone means accepting the other person and your self. It needs assurance and positivity. It needs guidance and courage. It needs letting yourself be just your self, but also considering what you have to give, in order to learn to love someone willingly. It’s clear to me that loving someone unwillingly is different from LEARNING to love someone unwillingly. Let’s go back to basics, when you learn, you’ll get lessons, right? And lessons are important in life.

Controversial? I think not. After all, it will boil down to the only person who could try and decide, and that’s you. We all have a choice, and if that choice break you, you need not blame your self. Be thankful, for you have learned how to love; and be thankful, that you gave and received love at a time or another

2. Respect and Trust
Respect that your partner is not you; Respect that we all live different lives at the same time; Respect that we are born in a world where we need to live our lives to live , and not to be dictated; and trust follows.

Respect and trust is letting the other person be – be who they are, be with who they want to hang out with (with limitations, of course), be responsible of their acts, be kind enough to show their love and care to their partners, be mindful of their acts and the life they live, considering the other person they’ve chosen to live with. Also, respect and trust needs an open ear, open eyes, open mind, and open heart. Both need no boundaries and conditions. And lastly, having these two, is learning to live a life together, separately. They do make sense, yes.

3. Understanding
Imagine living a life where you wake up and sleep in a day, with a smile in your face, and in your heart. Great, right? Include taking all your worries, doubts, jealousies and insecurities, happy? Think about how amazing the power of understanding can be. It gives you comfort, peace, and stability. It provides you assurance that you need in order to cope with the day. Amazing, though, how the equation of love and respect could result to understanding. When you are equipped with your partner’s love, and armored it with respect and trust, you’re good to go and good to last.

Understand that we have differences and similarities. Your partner is a separate entity, but you share common asset and interest – your relationship. Understand that your relationship exists because of your love to each other and your goals with each other. Both of you are bound to happen, and meant to happen.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that you have each other. May it be far or near, as long as you both share the love that keeps the fire burning, you win. Others may find these factors unnecessary, but they are important factors to consider. We are not perfect, accept it. If they hit you, swallow it. If not, try to evaluate. Enter when you think it’s right, vacate if not. Loving, is not a waste of time, it turns time. There’s no harm in trying. Sometimes, not trying causes harm too. Remember, though, that you also need to apply these factors to the relationship you have with your self and the people around you. In order to love others, you must love your self first, so as respect, trust, and understanding. May this be a reminder to us all.

– Christy S. ♥

Monday – April 17, 2017

Monday blues…

Life must have been so good for those who have already achieved their goals at this stage of their lives; life must have been so good for those who have already started and plotted the plans they’re going to take in the remaining years of their lives.

It’s already 3 years since I graduated from College. Three fruitful years in my chosen industry – Supply Chain and Logistics. But as days, weeks, months pass by, there seems to be something missing; and that is the courage and motivation to continue working and do the routine that I’ve put myself into: wake up 6am in the morning > prepare and wait for the company haul by 7am > work thy ass off for 8 hours with 1 hour lunch break > take the ride back going to the city > look for something productive to do for around 2hrs > prepare to sleep > sleep and start all over again the next day.

Look, I knew that this will be the outcome of finishing my chosen major in college. It is not that I didn’t prepare myself for this before graduating. It’s just that… I can’t see myself doing this routine for the next 2 years. But I have no choice but to save some and do what I long to do – quit my job and start earning independently, travel as long and as much as I can, and/or reach my dream of becoming a Medical Doctor.

I keep on looking for something that can create the spark back in my system. Something that would motivate me to strive a little bit longer. The spark must’ve been turned off the day I started questioning the path that I am taking.

I may not be the only one suffering this right now. It seems a bit too early if I am experiencing that so-called “quarter life crisis”, but who knows? I am just thankful that I have a loving partner who supports me in my never-ending question of why did I enroll myself to this kind of lifestyle. Haha!

It feels good to have this written and shared. I just hope that other people of my age would know that they’re not alone in this journey – of fighting and finding for something they’d really want to do in life.

– Christy ♥

Of Wanders and Scribbles…


Welcome to my personal blog – Of Wanders and Scribbles!

One Saturday evening, I decided to create a Wordpress account to share my travel experience, DIY itineraries, personal opinions, tips, and etc.

I will be sharing my Wanders and Scribbles based on previous, present, and soon to be experiences. I hope that I can further improve this blog soon and that I can positively share my thoughts and outputs for readers’ reference.

Please don’t hesitate to share and PM me should you have any questions!

Love lots,

Christy ♥